When Song Ji Hyo won the female Excellence Award at the 2013 SBS Entertainment Awards, she was gifted with so many bouquets that Gary ended up helping her hold the majority of them. During the winner’s speech, Ji Hyo became emotional and even Gary himself had tears in his eyes. Despite the scripting done on Running Man and in South Korea’s entertainment industry, there’s something about the Monday Couple that can’t be explained, something that makes you feel as if they are real. Their actions and emotions expressed on and off camera are so sincere, that no other pairings that I’ve seen before has ever matched up to theirs. Quietly watching over her, helping her out, always being there for Miss Mong.. I think that’s what makes us fans love the Monday Couple so much. Unconditionally taking care of each other, unconditionally being there for one another. Monday Couple Forever~

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